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Facings are dental treatment methods that are used to change the color and shape of the front teeth with a special technique.Facings imitating natural teeth allows patients to achieve the smile they want. When applied successfully with quality material, it makes major changes in the person's appearance.

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Zirconium Veneers

It is used in the treatment of advanced color changes that do not result in zirconium veneer bleaching methods, which are preferred to obtain a more aesthetic appearance. It is also used for incoherent and less crooked teeth and old fillings. The field of use of zirconium veneer is quite wide.

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E-Max Crown

Dentists make E max crowns to give their patients a natural and realistic look. Unlike other forms of dental treatment, IPS E-Max consists of a ceramic material that combines strength and beauty. The E max crown, which is made entirely of porcelain, contains no metal. This gives it a very natural look. In addition, E max crown is very durable and of high quality. It is compatible with the human body and comes in different colours.

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Dental practices are quite advanced these days. Aesthetic dentistry, on the other hand, is practiced by combining some of the dentistry specialties. The main goal of aesthetic dentistry is to make patients' smiles more beautiful. In addition, aesthetic dentistry problems in the teeth are also solved. Teeth are very important for both human health and appearance. Therefore, the protection of dental health and dental care is always necessary. One of the main problems with teeth is yellowing and discoloration. However, this situation can be solved with the interventions of aesthetic dentistry. Aesthetic dentistry creates teeth that are close to their natural color with the whitening method. In this case, it adds self-confidence to people.

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Lazer Zoom Bleaching

A white smile is everyone's dream. The tooth color of some of us may be yellow on its own or the teeth may turn yellow due to the habits consumed during the day. This situation can make us very uncomfortable and prevent our beautiful smile. Having an ideal whiteness of teeth is not a dream. What you should do is whiten teeth to avoid discoloration on the teeth. Thanks to this process, the color tone of your teeth can become 2-3 shades lighter. In this way, you can add joy to your environment by having a beautiful smile. This process releases oxygen with the help of hydrogen peroxide or its derivatives. In this way, you will get a whiter tooth by brightening the tone of your tooth color.

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Hollywood smile

Communication is present in every aspect of our lives. Research has shown that people who can find healthy ways of communicating are more successful and happier in life. The first step of the health communication path is a beautiful smile. A smile not only brings happiness, but also increases social communication. People who communicate with each other pay attention to a warm smile after the eyes. In recent years, our aesthetic concerns have increased even more. Patients who prioritize aesthetic beauty apply to smile design clinics. Smile design allows patients to achieve the smile of their dreams. Thus, it has been proven that as patients' self-confidence increases, they establish healthier communication.

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All On 4 implant treatment

All On 4 implant treatment is an operation in which dentures can be fixed in the same place on four anterior implants placed at a certain angle in patients who do not have full teeth. With this treatment method, which is applied to all persons who have sufficient bone volume, do not have full teeth and have no health problems before surgery, patients with removable dentures can come home the same day with their fixed prosthesis. Implants and prostheses are replaced on the same day. made in patients with an All op 4 implant treatment. In addition, this operation does not suffer much. Because there is no pressure on the wounds. The scientific success of this method, which has been used for many years, has been proven many times.

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Implants are a safe option to permanently replace missing teeth. Dental implants can provide the function and feel of natural teeth. Implants are a good alternative for you if one or more teeth are missing. The results are quite natural. Many patients forget that they even have implants over time. Dental implants can also prevent oral health problems, such as tooth replacement, while preserving bone structure.

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