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Our clinic has the Certificate of Consent for Health Tourism, issued by the Ministry of Health. This authorization certificate is a proof of the competence and quality of the service provided by our clinic.

Implant Treatment

You can get new teeth with dental implants, from a single missing tooth to a completely toothless mouth.

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In Turkey, the dental care (veneers, implants, prostheses) is of high quality and the technologies and materials are of European standard. All treatments in our clinic are guaranteed. You will benefit from much cheaper rates than in European countries. Our clinic is located in the center of Istanbul and it is possible to perform all types of dental care. You are free to choose the dates of your trip according to your availability. You will not be hindered by the language because we have fluent Dutch speaking staff and English speaking staff. To receive a free quote, please fill out a form on the Contact page. Try to provide more information about your dental situation. To get a detailed estimate, you can attach your X-ray or some pictures of your teeth. We make a diagnosis and prepare a personalized treatment plan for you.

  • Implant Treatment
  • All On 4 Implant Treatment
  • Hollywood Smile
  • Lazer Zoom Bleaching
  • Zirconium Veneers
  • Facings
  • E-max Crown
  • Aesthetic Dentistry

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Implant Treatments at Işık Dental Clinics

Implant Treatments at Işık Dental Clinics

Our implant treatment services, in which we have achieved close to 100% success with a personalized and accurate diagnosis, are delivered by a staff of physicians who are experts in their fields. Our understanding of quality and friendly service; Economical treatment solutions, painless treatment service makes the difference in practice by using high quality and certified products.

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