Frequently Asked Questions

Recession in the gums can be due to bone loss due to inflammation; Improper brushing and bad habits without bone loss can also cause gum recession and root surface exposure. Withdrawal symptoms can cause tenderness, root rot and aesthetic problems. After the cause has been determined, the dentists of Işık Dental international will inform you about the necessary treatment.

Surface properties studies have shown that titanium is tissue friendly. For this reason, titanium has been used in the production of implants for a long time. There is no body rejection of the implant, that is, tissue rejection. However, factors such as infections arising during the recovery period and patients' failure to observe oral hygiene, excessive alcohol and cigarette use; can prevent the implant from bonding to the bone. As a result, the implant may be lost. You can extend the life of your implants with regular dental checkups and good oral hygiene. You can call us for detailed information about implant treatments.

There is no rule that every 20-year-old tooth is surgically removed. Based on clinical and radiological examination, the dentist determines which methods are used for tooth extraction. It is wrong to think that it will be difficult to extract every 20-year-old tooth. The position, dimensions and shape of the 20 year old tooth to be extracted; It allows us to decide on normal tooth extraction or surgical removal of the tooth.

Dental treatments are very diverse and many patients may need more than one treatment. Proper planning of these treatments ensures more comfortable and shorter treatment trajectories. In addition, there is not always the possibility of a complete treatment plan. Therefore, during this study, it is determined which treatments should be given priority.

The basis of treatment planning is diagnosis. Different laboratory tests can be used to make an accurate diagnosis and to distinguish diseases with similar symptoms. Prior to the treatment plan, these examinations are scheduled during the first examination.

It is clear that the mouth, chin and face area is not an independent area of ​​the human body. Although various systemic diseases present symptoms in and around the mouth, treatment can sometimes be done by the relevant medical specialties. Again, when the presence of systemic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure, which adversely affect planned dental treatments or adversely affect dental treatments, is known or even suspected, it is also an application to be made during the initial examination. to refer the patient to the appropriate specialist.

Although the natural driving times have arrived; Teeth that remain in the jawbone and cannot return to their normal position are called impacted teeth. Usually wisdom teeth, followed by canines, can often remain embedded in the jaw bone. In some cases, impacted teeth are held in their proper position with orthodontic treatment. However, in cases where this is not possible and/or affected teeth damage other teeth or are a source of infection and pathology; There is an orthodontist in our clinic.

Spontaneous pain in the tooth, Pain that increases at night and does not go away even with painkillers Persistent pain caused by an external factor such as cold, heat or prolonged contact with the tooth Swelling seen around the tooth, gingiva and/or related lymph nodes Fistula caused by infection of the tooth or tooth discoloration. However, teeth that have lost their vitality should not cause any complaints. This should not be seen as a lack of root canal treatment.

The dentist works carefully and gently. In addition, the treatment is performed under local anaesthetic.

Dentists use X-rays to examine the teeth, bones and soft tissues, to identify possible dental and jaw problems prior to treatment. It is not possible to make this treatment plan without a recent X-ray. If you do not have a recent X-ray, you can have it done at your local dentist. The cost is approximately € 50.

The reason for the large price difference is that the salary costs of dentists and support staff are lower than in European countries. The technical costs are also lower. In addition, our prices include all technical costs, material and anaesthetic. In European countries, these are usually charged separately to the patient.

Yes, we offer you a lifetime warranty on the implant treatments.

These costs are not included. We can refer you to hotels with which we cooperate. If you wish, we can arrange hotel and transfer for you. Feel free to ask about the possibilities.

You pay the costs of the dental treatments directly to the dentist, in cash in euros. In Istanbul there are cash machines where you can withdraw euros.

As opposed to dentures, All-On-Four Dental Implants are a permanent set of teeth that look and feel natural, which means:

They are permanent teeth that look and feel like natural teeth

They are stable, allowing you to bite with increased force – allowing you to eat all of your favorite foods once again

No more discomfort, as they don’t press down on your gums like dentures do

They allow you to taste and experience your food, as you no longer have to worry about slipping

The presence of the implants in the jaw stimulates the bone, thus preventing further bone deterioration

No more gagging

No more nightly removal and cleaning

No more messy, sticky adhesives!

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